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The cutest moments sometimes happen when I'm frustrated at the end of the day.  Usually my 'baby' .. my almost 5 year old baby; so my baby likes to pull out every shred of my sanity.  Always has and always will is my guess.  It was the worst thing to put him to bed as an infant.. a 9 month old.. 2 years.. 4th birthday.. again, last night.  My baby of today likes to accomplish this by rotating the following 10 basic demands:

  1. it's not actually bed time, release me
  2. there is an ant, a ladybug, a mouse, a bat.. release me before it kills us all
  3. read me 10 stories.  I added 10 stories to your pile while you were reading.
  4. sing me 2 songs that only I know the words to, your topic is Dinosaurs: good luck
  5. I need to sleep with the sweater you're currently wearing
  6. The two sweaters I have in my birds nest of a bed, are not 'fresh enough' anymore.. find a new one for me 
  7. I need a drink of water *then collapses as if he's dead from dehydration*
  8. I want MINIMUM ONE orange, ONE apple, ONE toast, etc. because we just had dinner 2 hours ago and I'm starving.  For effect he actually pretends to faint, again.. but with more of a thud than his dehydration fainting.
  9. find this object (hint: I lost 6 months ago) or I will never stop being sad
  10. UJFHEUEIHF@@!!!!YHRIUHEDIUHWFHF I'm not longer making sense I'm so tired my face is melting off and I don't know what I want but I know if you don't give it to me I'll die

Then his cutest demand is for different random kinds of 'hugs and kisses' like a robot kiss and robot hug, etc.  Last night after a late bedtime, after watching Jingle All The Way.. he says, "YOU FORGOT SOMETHING" and I sigh, and he says "A Santa kiss and Santa hug" and puts his lips together and says 'ho ho ho' .. and then I just smiled and was really glad he was mine.


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