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Today I thought about putting together a little photo collage for my son Ethan, to decorate with on his 10th birthday this January the 18th.  I did one not too long ago that I was going to frame for him, but this time I'd do one picture of him on every birthday until 10.  Last year I did a string of 9 balloons that lead from his bedroom downstairs and to his presents at the table.

*the line is from a poem by e.e. cummings

But more about the photos; I have always loved creative photography as colours or scrap-paper memories of the best days.  In no way did I ever feel like I was a really great photographer.. but I have taken a lot of good photos; the good photos are always the ones that you smile thinking about while you're not even looking at them.

When Hipstamatic, and all those came out I was really psyched to use them and overuse them and be stupid with them in scrap-paper things I was doing at the time.  I'm glad I have them.  I realized very soon many of the photos I wanted to use were ones I've taken on Instagram; then I knew there was never a time when my baby Kieran didn't know Instagram!  What a really weird thing to realize about the photos you take and love.

So, since I'm just introducing myself here.. I'm not really a blogger.  I'm more of a Kidstagrammer.  Lifestagrammer.   You could call this webpage my mom of boys- crazy kid story- 30ish kidstagramming parent - wine drinking cool friend BTW- blog.  I've worked hard at all of those things except being my age (nomatter when we're talking about).

Just so we're totally clear, you're now reading something that came from the same author who had a moment of stupidity on Facebook yesterday and apparently NEEDED to know that IF I were chocolate, IF, what kind of chocolate would I be???

My oldest childhood friend, Andrea, was a Snickers it said.  Peanuts and nuget?  I thought I knew her.. I wouldn't have guessed a Snickers.  Maybe this test knows something I don't.  Maybe this test is LEGIT?  That crazy train of thought lasted until the 2nd question....

And that's when I said nevermind.  They know nothing about the nothing at the bottom of the big blue nothing.  One of Andrea's cats must have taken that test for her.

This is how my English higher education worked out.  Not a grammar-nazi (I offend occasionally) or punctuation (I offend a lot) just constantly correcting pronunciation, like, how there is no B in supposedly.   Helpful stuff I feel if you're ever, say, in ANOTHER conversation with someone else and it might embarrass you.  Like when my cousin pronounced 'faux wood' as FOXWOOD.  Then, I find stuff like that test infuriatingly common, as well as constantly running into made-up buzzwords like "physical literacy" when I try to book my sons' birthday parties.  So glad my education just helped me point out how often nobody else cared to attend English class.  I could have sworn there were always a lot of students in my class.. hmm.



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