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The Mom that says F a lot.

When your life revolves mainly around your children, and you also happen to work with children.. this becomes your motto for everything.  I only want to be the best at being my boys' Mom; I also want to be the best caregiver a little girl or boy might want in their life.  A fun, loving adult figure that guides them to the best of my ability while keeping the values of their family in mind.  Is it exhausting because there are so many kids?  Sure is!  Is it important enough work that I will never give up?  The most important work, in my mind.  Of course I never swear around my clients little people, I think the worst I've uttered is 'crap' or 'oh my god' <-- we say 'gosh'

Around my children, who so lovingly and sweetly have every one of their growing pains in front of me, tested every ounce of patience, deprived me of necessary sleep to tell me about bad dreams/ask for water/change their pj pants/ask for food/tell me I didn't check on them/have a non-sensical screaming dream-tantrum where I still have no idea what it was about.. nor can I ask my child afterwards because they forgot the whole thing.  These growing human beings? they hear me say Fuck, a lot.  My 9 year old son Ethan, he tells me I say it 'like a billion times'.. which is untrue.  It's more like a flurry of 3-4 Fucks, most likely after a lot of time trying to feed/dress/get them anywhere outside of the house.  And I said to myself, this is unacceptable to model language like this clearly.. my kids shouldn't see me being a double standard SO I often use creative Ned Flanders style swearing as I mentioned before.  

Whenever I screw up I say this motto to myself every time..  "be the kind of person you needed when you were younger".  Still doesn't become less frustrating but its good to have goals.  If anything I've learned over almost 10 years of being someone's Mom it's that there are no perfect parents and there are no perfect kids.  Maybe I'm the Mom that says F (sometimes, Ethan, not a billion times) and maybe my kids just test their boundaries a lot and are just simply super gross about Pee and Poo.  I'm not giving up on the last one though.  If you think you have the stones to never say the F word around your kids, be my guest! then after your 9 year old laughs at your 5 year old who is spraying the bathroom with pee however, I'll pretend I didn't hear a couple of F bombs. 

No one ever died from hearing the F word occasionally, as far as I know.  


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