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Momstagram life

In the world of Kidstagramming, we often forget to get ourselves (the photographer) in a photo once in a while.  This is very true for me as a Mother who just has always liked to take photos.  Photos of memories or how I feel about the day, if something is beautiful and bright, or dark and stormy.  It's all this life of mine.

I read an opinion article (is this an opinion article too??) about a Mom who realized after her death, that her Mother was missing from photos for years and years.. maybe one here, two there.  Hiding from the camera in a favourite photo, or most often behind the camera.  It's a catch 22 since without her there would be no images of these memories, but to take them she must often not be in the photos.  It was much more beautiful than that but the point is the same.  We must give up something to get something, sometimes.  We can only tell our story from our own eyes.

This is a photo of the 4 of us Mother's Day weekend; I took my kids to the DQ (dairy qu…


I have decided there is a real thing I will call, re-pin-pinning.  It's basically stalking your own Pinterest and going "Holy hell, I should have made that Chicken Enchilada Rice Casserole!!!"  and wanting to RE-pin it, to remind yourself you really mean it THIS TIME.  THIS TIME you're honestly going to buy the ingredients for that in two days when you probably need other stuff at Costco and make it probably on the weekend or not because who likes cooking on the weekend?  So Monday? No that's too much work for a Monday.. and my kids won't even eat this so it's that and regular pasta right?  Dammit let's just have Taco Night early because everybody loves that and all I need are tomatoes and because Monday dinner is now stressing me out!  Repeat for infinity until you re-re-pin that food with someone who is very hungry and insists you try to make this 'easy meal'!

I don't expect that to make any sense but my name is Ann-Marie and that is ho…

To my fellow people pleasers!

10 years later

My logic on babies before I had kids: "After a $1500-3000 investment in equipment for this baby, maybe $100 in maintenance per month, I should be saving money after the first year because baby clothes go from 12-24m.. so I'm just buying clothes yearly now. Sweet!"
10 years later: "why was that lady in charge of a human life?"

Is this for real?????

I just saw this in my random Pinterest scrolling....

Whoever is responsible for this is literally the worst.


Some days I really love driving around, even if it's slow Sunday traffic, usually it'll be a chill and sunny morning or something like that.  There I'll be, driving while paying attention, and smiling at all my happy fellow drivers today.. we're all in this together guys! And then I high five nobody.  Other days I slow way down and let them pass me to see if someone looks exactly as stupid as they drive.

Guess it depends if it's a sunny day.... :)

Feed the Baby

I'm slightly addicted to a few Facebook games, like Dragon City.. where I play with all my friends kids who go on their Facebook accounts.  Sigh.  But that is neither here nor there.  Today I see in the games you may like area, which I ignore 98% of the time, a game called Feed the Baby.

I have an idea, guys who make these games, how about "walk the dog" or "do the dishes"?  What happens if you don't feed the baby?  Does CAS come to your house in the night and take your laptop away?  Cancel your internet?

Here's a free game idea for you, it's just called "Hey, click on this for an hour"!