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10 years later

My logic on babies before I had kids: "After a $1500-3000 investment in equipment for this baby, maybe $100 in maintenance per month, I should be saving money after the first year because baby clothes go from 12-24m.. so I'm just buying clothes yearly now. Sweet!"
10 years later: "why was that lady in charge of a human life?"

Is this for real?????

I just saw this in my random Pinterest scrolling....

Whoever is responsible for this is literally the worst.


Some days I really love driving around, even if it's slow Sunday traffic, usually it'll be a chill and sunny morning or something like that.  There I'll be, driving while paying attention, and smiling at all my happy fellow drivers today.. we're all in this together guys! And then I high five nobody.  Other days I slow way down and let them pass me to see if someone looks exactly as stupid as they drive.

Guess it depends if it's a sunny day.... :)